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The Premiers on the Tube | September 9, 2009

The new TV season is finally approaching. And, I must say, I am incredibly excited.

Starting next week, season premiers will find their way into our homes through televisions (and computers.) I like to pick one comedy, one action and one girly drama to watch religiously throughout the season.

The first show on my watch list? The Office (my comedy.)

The Office premiers Thurs, Sept 17, at 8pm and, according to the gossip on the office page “Michael searches for office gossip to share while Andy struggles with heterosexuality.” Who could blame Andy considering the fiasco with Angela last season. (Angela, while engaged to Andy, cheated on him with Dwight, a former boyfriend.)

Will the season answer some open questions? Like, when are Pam and Jim getting married, and what about the hinted baby at the end of the last season? Also, what will unfurl between Michael and long-lost girlfriend Holly?

And, if you happen to plump down on your sofa 30 min before The Office premiers, then you can watch the Parks and Recreation premier at 7:30pm, Thurs, Sept 17. (Click here for the Parks and Recreation preview.)

For my suspenseful, action-filled, mind blowing show, I choose Heroes.

Heroes premiers Mon, Sept 21, at 7pm. I have high hopes for Heroes. Their season three finale was lacking creativity. I didn’t feel the intensity of season one and parts of season two. But, Heroes still has me hooked. The characters with their super hero abilities are interesting and well developed.

And now, with Nathan dead and Syler convinced he is Nathan, will Syler figure out his true identity? Also, I never received closure with the visions of the future that depict a world of chaos. We never figured out if this future was prevented. Have the saved the world once again? All we got was a “to be continued.”

And the girly, dramatic, guilty pleasure show is Grey’s Anatomy.

With Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens) gone, I don’t know if the show will be as entertaining. However, at least the sarcastic, spiteful Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina Yang is still a cast member.

Now that Derrick and Meredith are finally together for good, where will the relationship drama take us next? Cristina is in love for the Iraq soldier–Owen–suffering from nightmares that could kill her, and Calli is still experimenting with her new found love, Arizona, a female pediatrist.

And, just in case none of those interest you, 30 Rock is a great comedy to follow and will be premiering on Oct 15.


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