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The Sky Is Falling!! | September 10, 2009

The apocalypse is at hand. In 2012, on the winter solstice, the human race will cease to exist unless we participate in the Institute for Human Continuity’s (IHC)  “survival lottery.”

At least, that is what Sony has created in order to promote their apocalyptic film 2012.

In an effort to excite the Americans about the year 2012, Sony launched a website that claims a horrible astrological or geological event will occur. However, IHC has been preparing. They have built “celestial colonies” and “floating cities,” but you must enter a lottery to be saved.

We are obsessed with the apocalypse. Always have been and always will be.

The Hebrew and Christian Bible are overflowing with visions of the apocalypse. That is the main purpose of the Book of Revelation. People have been claiming the world is about to end for thousands of years.

However,  now instead of people prophesying the end of the world, we have the entertainment industry do it for us.

Our movies are filled with apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic themes.

I Am Legend: A deadly plague destroys the majority of life and turns humans into zombies. Post-apocalyptic.

Knowing: The end of the world is depicted through a series of number which gives the date of the disaster and how many people will die. Apocalyptic.

Wall-E: An animated cartoon that follows a whimsical robot trying to clean up the earth because human have left it uninhabitable. Post-apocalyptic.

Left Behind: Also a book, it depicts the rapture as described in the Book of Revelation, and it begins the process leading to the apocalypse. Apocalyptic.

Oh, and don’t forget the Matrix Trilogy, Children of Men. the new post-apocalyptic movie produced by Tim Burton–9–and the television show Heroes, where every season the world is going to end.


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