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My Guilty Pleasure | September 14, 2009

I have an embarrassing confession that I keep a secret from almost everyone I know.

Last week, I wrote about the upcoming TV season and some of my favorite shows. I neglected to mention another show I enjoy watching on occasion. Sometimes I need to watch a mindless, drama filled show like Gossip Girl, which premieres tonight on CW and 8:00 pm CST.


Seasons one and two were quite addicting, and I have similar expectations for this season. Season two ended when Gossip Girl sent out an email blast during the commencement ceremony for the St. Jude’s graduation, stirring Serena to develop a plan of attack. Blair’s reign as Queen Bee draws to a close and the mean girls coax Jenny into succeeding Blair. Lily and Rufus are still patching up their relationship after Lily’s gruesome betrayal, while things start to heat up between Blair and Chuck

Tonight’s premiere will continue where season two left off. The summer is drawing to a close, and Blair and Chuck are

getting used to being “in a relationship.” Based on how Gossip Girl works, I don’t quite expect their “relationship” to resemble an actual relationship in any form. Serena returns from her summer abroad with a lot of secrets and some complications in her relationship with Carter. Likewise, Nate returns with a mysterious brunette, Bree. Though Rufus,

Jenny, and Dan didn’t go abroad for the summer, they had an eventful time in the Hamptons quickly getting adjusted to the glamorous lifestyle.

Tune in tonight, or watch it on the Internet tomorrow! .


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