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Snuggie Snuggles with Model at New York City Fashion Week | September 15, 2009

Today fashion reached an ultimate low when a models strutted down a runway wearing Snuggies at New York Fashion Week. I am no fashionista, but I know when there is a style don’t.


Fashion is about social status. It’s about being stylishly distinctive. It’s about being yourself. And, the only way you can be yourself in a Snuggie is if you are a coach potato.

There is nothing stylish or fashionable about wearing a blanket. Especially Snuggie blankets (a blanket with sleeves.) They are always fake flannel. The only character they have is the design on the material, which is often lacking. Unless you want a solid color, a school mascot, cheetah print or blue tie die, you’re out of luck. A Snuggie lacks the ability to be personal. You can’t add the details that make an outfit.

I am not trying to say the Snuggie isn’t useful. Hell, I would buy a Snuggie if I was sitting infront of my TV, watching the infomercial, or if I was walking though H.E.B. and passed the “As Seen on TV” section. But, I wouldn’t buy one at New York Fashion Week.

New York Fashion Week was created to display next seasons trends that you wouldn’t mind wearing out side of your house. Or, that you wouldn’t find in your local grocery store.

The Snuggie is all about lazyness, and fashion is anything but lazyness. People hire employees to create their style. By adding a Snuggie, not only are we promoting lazyness, we are belittling every fashion related job.

New York Fashion week is not the place for Snuggies. Infomercials and coaches are.


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