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The Office premiers with some Gossip | September 28, 2009

The Office’s first episode lived up to the Gossip, which also happens to be the first episode’s title.

It was the last day for the summer interns, and Michael, who had been out of the gossip loop, needed to find some gossip of his own. He ends up finding some serious gossip by accident: Stanley has been cheating on his wife.

It ends with Michael trying to hide the gossip he spread about Stanley by spreading gossip about everyone else. Of course, the rest of the office finds out, and, to save himself, Michael tells them that one of these rumors is true. (Although, Michael had no idea that an additional false rumor he had spread was true.)

In order to shift the focus from Stanley, Jim tells the office the rumor about Pam being pregnant is true (which it is.)

This episode made me remember why the Office is one of the best comedic TV shows on the tube.

The rumors spread by Michael remind the audience why the Office characters are weird, quirky, and, most importantly, funny.

Michael’s character is highlighted by his ridiculous solutions. His attempt to hide his true gossip about Stanley by spreading rumors reiterates his character’s comical, unsuccessful plots and schemes.

Kelly’s constant self-image problem returns when Michael tells co-workers she has an eating disorder.

And, Andy begins to question his sexuality when Michael spreads a rumor that he is gay. Andy’s quirky traits and unidentifiable sexuality are once again brought to the forefront.

The episode was a nice introduction to a new season, filled with new issues and character relationships.


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