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St. Edward’s Musicians Perform for French Connection

October 6, 2009
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This week St. Edward’s is celebrating its French heritage.

The celebrations include French food and French cinema, but, more importantly, French music.

Why is French music more important?

Because I am performing in the French Connection concert.

It will be a lovely evening of classical French music.

I play the violin, but there will be brass and wind music as well.

So, don’t miss out. Come see us on Tuesday, October 6! Today!

Time: 7:30pm

Place: St. Edward’s, Ragsdale Center, Mabee Ballroom A


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Need Some Austin Pizza?

October 5, 2009
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I have been craving pizza recently. So, that craving is going to be reflected in this blog entry.

Here are some restaurants that I deem good pizza places.

1. Whole Foods– Whole Foods has plenty of options for an on-the-go pizza place. If you need some meat, you can grab a meat lovers that looks like a slab of 50 types of meat. Or, if you are vegetarian, they always have at least 3 different veggie pizzas, including a spinach, feta and olive one that I love. And, if diary is something you avoid, they have a vegan pizza, which is bread, tomato sauce and tons of veggies. Plus, you can get two slices for five dollars.

2. Home Slice– I love their crust. It is always fresh. Also, Home Slice is located right off of SoCo, so you can eat your pizza and walk off all the greasy calories you just snarfed down. If you need a sugesstion, my personal favorite is the basil. The taste is refreshing, and their is a lot less grease than any other normal pizza.

3. House Pizzeria– If you want something different and interesting, this is where to find it. With menu items like potato and goat cheese pizza and and Blue pizza (fresh mozerella, stilton and pork reduction), you will be forced to try something new. The location, on Airport at 51st St, is becoming a new hub for Austin’s students and young professionals. (Mueller, just down the road, helped spark that transformation.) Overall, the atmosphere is nice, and the pizza is fantastic.

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Etsy: A Fun, Creative Ebay

October 5, 2009
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Recently, I have found some really neat crafts on Etsy. Well, when do you not find really neat crafts on Etsy? However, my top four picks are:

1. Cup-cake beanies-playbirdplay sells her cupcake beanies for $25. The cute design makes it totally worth it, especially in a cupcake crazed world. Also, she has multiple colors, including pink and white.

2. POMMES pendant lamps- if you’re looking for some awesome decorations and can spend at least $350, these are some awesome lamps. They’re white, which brings out the neat flower pattern cut into the side.

3. Fifteen metal rimmed tags- If you want something random, but somewhat interested and easy to decorate, these are great. BrambleberryLane sells a set of 15 for $4.95.

4. Baby turtle- I found this and said “aww” outloud. Something I never do. Myfavouritedress does charge $75 per turtle, but they’re made to order.


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Vulcan Video: The Movie Rental Store Of Austin, Texas

October 5, 2009
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Vulcan Video is a family owned, independant movie rental store in Austin, Texas. It has two locations: one is down south off of SoCo, and the other right by UT campus.

Vulcan Video does and has what most commercial movie rental stores, like Blockbuster, don’t. It has an amazing selection of movies. If you want some crazy movie that even the most avid movie watchers haven’t heard of, you can find it at Vulcan.

When you walk into the store, the towering shelves of DVDs and Videos is overwhelming to say the least. (There has to be almost 75 movies/shelve, now multiply that times 5.) f you ever wanted to get lost in a world of movies, this is the place.While exploring the store’s movie collection, it is easy to get lost with it’s maze-like shelf set up.

However, it’s collection makes it that much more appealing. From kids videos to foreign movies (ranging from Iran to France) and comedies to cult classics, anyone can find a movie that suits them.

The other thing I love about Vulcan is its Wall of Directors. With directors like Alfred Hitchcock, Johnathon Demme and Johnathon Huston (not to mention many other famous directors), it’s so easy to find a good movie. And, since all of these director’s movies are found on the wall, if you wanted to watch every single movie directed by one of these icons, you can.

But, if you walk in the store and have no idea what you want, it’s ok. In fact, that may even be better because then you can ask one of the employees about his or her movie tastes. I swear, it seems like ever employee has seen almost every single movie in the store, and, if they haven’t, they will tell you they have been meaning too.

The employees know what they’re talking about, they know their movie genres and they can make fabulous selections just by telling them what type of movies you like.

A movie rental store can’t just have the above mentioned qualities, they must also have a sense of humor, and that is where this picture comes in. (Warning: it’s a little gross.)


I know I can depend on a movie rental store when they can make jokes about the grossest things.

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Beatles Rockband: A Review for Non-Gamers

October 5, 2009
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The Beatles Rockband, overall, met my Rockband needs and expectations.

When I took the game home, I was extremely excited. I set up and the instruments and got ready.

The Plus:

I love the songs. It is a mix of some incredibly popular songs and some not well know songs. Most people, like my roommates, were upset with this. They wanted to play all the well known songs. And, yes, I too was disappointed that songs like Hey Jude, Oh! My Darling, Let It Be and Stawberry Fields, but it introduced me to Beatles music that I hadn’t heard before.

Also, since they have an online music store, they couldn’t put all the good songs on the game. Otherwise, no one would ever purchase the songs from the store. Granted, I end up having to spend more money, but I would still do it.

Besides the songs, the graphics are really exciting and fun. John, Paul, Ringo and George’s digital animations look just real enough to be identifiable but not frightening.

Also, the graphics behind the songs are really unique.

Each song has a different graphic that is played with the music, and the  graphics really express the genre of the song. For instance, Twist and Shout really highlights the Beatles emergence into Pop culture. It is more images of them playing their instruments and of girls screaming in the crowd, all in black and white.

However, the graphics for their later music is much more psychedelic. The images of the Beatles and their fans decreases and the crazy swirls, images and characters increase. And, as the songs progress, color enters into the graphics.

I enjoy it because you get to hear and see the evolution of the Beatles’ music, and, for those that aren’t playing and want to watch, it is still entertaining.

The Minus:

As mentioned earlier, it would have been nice to have more popular music or even more songs period. For instance, in Guitar Hero III, once you accrue enough money, you can go to the game store and purchase more songs with the money your band made. That would have been a nice touch.

Also, at the end of every song and stage you win pictures of the graphic Beatles animations. Honestly, I thought this was lame. I would have preferred something more factual or interactive, such as facts about the song, quotes from the Beatles or real photos or footage of them playing the piece.

And, this is me being picky. I don’t like how the colors are arranged on the drum set. From left to right, it begins with red, then yellow, then blue and, lastly, green. This differs from the guitar set up, which is green, red, yellow and blue. Arranging the colors in the guitar order would make it easier to switch from one instrument to the next.


I liked the games. The songs and graphics were fun and followed the evolution of Beatles’ music. And, even though there were a few kinks, I still think it’s worth every penny.

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Gossip Girl Season Premiere Lacks the Gossip

October 5, 2009
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The season premiere of Gossip Girl was definitely sub par.

Usually, Gossip Girl is filled with unethical, immature plot twists that drag a viewer into the plot, partly wishing their life was this dramatic, partly sitting back in awe of the ridiculousness.

Season Three began with Chuck almost cheating on Blair with a hot model. To the model’s surprise, Blair was behind Chuck’s stunt. All summer the two had been playing girls, hoping to make them look like fools by having Chuck seduce them and Blair walk in at the perfect moment.

The outcome was predictable.

Of course Blair, after speaking with Serena, was going to realize this idea was not a good one. Her jealousy would get ahold of her, and she would ask Chuck to stop the escapades. And, since so much drama centered around this relationship for the past two seasons, they couldn’t break up just yet. Chuck, showing his sensitive side, told Blair he loved her and do whatever she wished.

Serena, who had flown to Europe for the summer, continued to spiral downwards, attempting to maintain in the spotlight. Why? We figure out she tried to get a hold of her father, but he ignored her. Her plot seemed to lack the necessary suspense and didn’t answer enough questions to hold interest.

Ultimately, the first episode appears to be  a less interesting ending to the last episode of season 2.

We see Nate come back with a new love interest, but she is also an old family rival while Dan and Vanessa butt heads over his new lifestyle.

Ultimately, incredibly predictably and a sad beginning to a new season.

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