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Beatles Rockband: A Review for Non-Gamers | October 5, 2009

The Beatles Rockband, overall, met my Rockband needs and expectations.

When I took the game home, I was extremely excited. I set up and the instruments and got ready.

The Plus:

I love the songs. It is a mix of some incredibly popular songs and some not well know songs. Most people, like my roommates, were upset with this. They wanted to play all the well known songs. And, yes, I too was disappointed that songs like Hey Jude, Oh! My Darling, Let It Be and Stawberry Fields, but it introduced me to Beatles music that I hadn’t heard before.

Also, since they have an online music store, they couldn’t put all the good songs on the game. Otherwise, no one would ever purchase the songs from the store. Granted, I end up having to spend more money, but I would still do it.

Besides the songs, the graphics are really exciting and fun. John, Paul, Ringo and George’s digital animations look just real enough to be identifiable but not frightening.

Also, the graphics behind the songs are really unique.

Each song has a different graphic that is played with the music, and the  graphics really express the genre of the song. For instance, Twist and Shout really highlights the Beatles emergence into Pop culture. It is more images of them playing their instruments and of girls screaming in the crowd, all in black and white.

However, the graphics for their later music is much more psychedelic. The images of the Beatles and their fans decreases and the crazy swirls, images and characters increase. And, as the songs progress, color enters into the graphics.

I enjoy it because you get to hear and see the evolution of the Beatles’ music, and, for those that aren’t playing and want to watch, it is still entertaining.

The Minus:

As mentioned earlier, it would have been nice to have more popular music or even more songs period. For instance, in Guitar Hero III, once you accrue enough money, you can go to the game store and purchase more songs with the money your band made. That would have been a nice touch.

Also, at the end of every song and stage you win pictures of the graphic Beatles animations. Honestly, I thought this was lame. I would have preferred something more factual or interactive, such as facts about the song, quotes from the Beatles or real photos or footage of them playing the piece.

And, this is me being picky. I don’t like how the colors are arranged on the drum set. From left to right, it begins with red, then yellow, then blue and, lastly, green. This differs from the guitar set up, which is green, red, yellow and blue. Arranging the colors in the guitar order would make it easier to switch from one instrument to the next.


I liked the games. The songs and graphics were fun and followed the evolution of Beatles’ music. And, even though there were a few kinks, I still think it’s worth every penny.


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