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Etsy: A Fun, Creative Ebay | October 5, 2009

Recently, I have found some really neat crafts on Etsy. Well, when do you not find really neat crafts on Etsy? However, my top four picks are:

1. Cup-cake beanies-playbirdplay sells her cupcake beanies for $25. The cute design makes it totally worth it, especially in a cupcake crazed world. Also, she has multiple colors, including pink and white.

2. POMMES pendant lamps- if you’re looking for some awesome decorations and can spend at least $350, these are some awesome lamps. They’re white, which brings out the neat flower pattern cut into the side.

3. Fifteen metal rimmed tags- If you want something random, but somewhat interested and easy to decorate, these are great. BrambleberryLane sells a set of 15 for $4.95.

4. Baby turtle- I found this and said “aww” outloud. Something I never do. Myfavouritedress does charge $75 per turtle, but they’re made to order.


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