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Gossip Girl Season Premiere Lacks the Gossip | October 5, 2009

The season premiere of Gossip Girl was definitely sub par.

Usually, Gossip Girl is filled with unethical, immature plot twists that drag a viewer into the plot, partly wishing their life was this dramatic, partly sitting back in awe of the ridiculousness.

Season Three began with Chuck almost cheating on Blair with a hot model. To the model’s surprise, Blair was behind Chuck’s stunt. All summer the two had been playing girls, hoping to make them look like fools by having Chuck seduce them and Blair walk in at the perfect moment.

The outcome was predictable.

Of course Blair, after speaking with Serena, was going to realize this idea was not a good one. Her jealousy would get ahold of her, and she would ask Chuck to stop the escapades. And, since so much drama centered around this relationship for the past two seasons, they couldn’t break up just yet. Chuck, showing his sensitive side, told Blair he loved her and do whatever she wished.

Serena, who had flown to Europe for the summer, continued to spiral downwards, attempting to maintain in the spotlight. Why? We figure out she tried to get a hold of her father, but he ignored her. Her plot seemed to lack the necessary suspense and didn’t answer enough questions to hold interest.

Ultimately, the first episode appears to be  a less interesting ending to the last episode of season 2.

We see Nate come back with a new love interest, but she is also an old family rival while Dan and Vanessa butt heads over his new lifestyle.

Ultimately, incredibly predictably and a sad beginning to a new season.


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