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Need Some Austin Pizza? | October 5, 2009

I have been craving pizza recently. So, that craving is going to be reflected in this blog entry.

Here are some restaurants that I deem good pizza places.

1. Whole Foods– Whole Foods has plenty of options for an on-the-go pizza place. If you need some meat, you can grab a meat lovers that looks like a slab of 50 types of meat. Or, if you are vegetarian, they always have at least 3 different veggie pizzas, including a spinach, feta and olive one that I love. And, if diary is something you avoid, they have a vegan pizza, which is bread, tomato sauce and tons of veggies. Plus, you can get two slices for five dollars.

2. Home Slice– I love their crust. It is always fresh. Also, Home Slice is located right off of SoCo, so you can eat your pizza and walk off all the greasy calories you just snarfed down. If you need a sugesstion, my personal favorite is the basil. The taste is refreshing, and their is a lot less grease than any other normal pizza.

3. House Pizzeria– If you want something different and interesting, this is where to find it. With menu items like potato and goat cheese pizza and and Blue pizza (fresh mozerella, stilton and pork reduction), you will be forced to try something new. The location, on Airport at 51st St, is becoming a new hub for Austin’s students and young professionals. (Mueller, just down the road, helped spark that transformation.) Overall, the atmosphere is nice, and the pizza is fantastic.


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  1. Never had House Pizzeria, but thanks to this post and then the extensive google searching I did after reading this makes me think I must have it.

    Comment by Proctor Anderson — October 6, 2009 @ 9:08 pm

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