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Vulcan Video: The Movie Rental Store Of Austin, Texas | October 5, 2009

Vulcan Video is a family owned, independant movie rental store in Austin, Texas. It has two locations: one is down south off of SoCo, and the other right by UT campus.

Vulcan Video does and has what most commercial movie rental stores, like Blockbuster, don’t. It has an amazing selection of movies. If you want some crazy movie that even the most avid movie watchers haven’t heard of, you can find it at Vulcan.

When you walk into the store, the towering shelves of DVDs and Videos is overwhelming to say the least. (There has to be almost 75 movies/shelve, now multiply that times 5.) f you ever wanted to get lost in a world of movies, this is the place.While exploring the store’s movie collection, it is easy to get lost with it’s maze-like shelf set up.

However, it’s collection makes it that much more appealing. From kids videos to foreign movies (ranging from Iran to France) and comedies to cult classics, anyone can find a movie that suits them.

The other thing I love about Vulcan is its Wall of Directors. With directors like Alfred Hitchcock, Johnathon Demme and Johnathon Huston (not to mention many other famous directors), it’s so easy to find a good movie. And, since all of these director’s movies are found on the wall, if you wanted to watch every single movie directed by one of these icons, you can.

But, if you walk in the store and have no idea what you want, it’s ok. In fact, that may even be better because then you can ask one of the employees about his or her movie tastes. I swear, it seems like ever employee has seen almost every single movie in the store, and, if they haven’t, they will tell you they have been meaning too.

The employees know what they’re talking about, they know their movie genres and they can make fabulous selections just by telling them what type of movies you like.

A movie rental store can’t just have the above mentioned qualities, they must also have a sense of humor, and that is where this picture comes in. (Warning: it’s a little gross.)


I know I can depend on a movie rental store when they can make jokes about the grossest things.


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