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Getting ahead of myself…

August 27, 2009
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So, after writing two blogs about my new musical experiments, I realized I had not properly introduced myself or this blog.

I am a studious student at the prestigious St. Edward’s University. Now, most of you may laugh at that statement, but might I point out that St Edward’s has received national recognition in U.S. News and World Report for the last three years. (That just happens to be the three years I have attended the university.)

But, really. St. Edward’s is a great place.

My major is English writing and rhetoric with a professional writing focus. What I plan to do with that? Journalism, maybe. Hopefully, by the time I have graduated, the world of journalism may be flourishing once again. But, I also enjoy technical business writing and editing, as well as a little marketing writing and document designing. So, I like to believe I have plenty of options.

Now, about this blog. This blog is for my entertainment journalism class, and the esteemed Michael Barnes, social columnist for the Austin American Statesman, is my professor. I will find some interesting fact or topic that relates to the world of entertainment and post it here daily.

Hopefully, this blog will broaden my horizons and improve my mediocre, non-existent blogging skills.


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