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Austin’s Late-Night Caffeine Joints

September 5, 2009
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Late-night coffee shops are something Austin students can’t get enough of, so here are my top picks for late night hangouts or study time locations.


Bennu, located at 2001 E. MLK Blvd.

1. Bennu-If you need a great place to study or just want to get out of the house at 2:00am, Bennu (open 24-hours) is a perfect place for you to go. It offers good coffee; some great loose-leaf tea; fun, eclectic, literary-themed mochas, such as the Moby Dick or The Great Gatsby; and  wonderful, personable workers.

2. Epoch– Another 24-hour coffee shop that is a great place hang out but doesn’t usually double as a great study place. The coffee is good, but their tea is o.k. Also, the place can get really loud between the people and the music. But, it is a good alternative if you live in Hyde Park and are not close to MLK (which is where Bennu is located.)

3. Spider House Spider House, although it closes at 2:00am, is another great hangout spot. Usually they host events, such as episodes of Saved by the Bell. Their big outdoor porch is a great place to relax on a nice evening. However, since most of their seating is outside, if it rains (which may seem impossible in Austin,) your screwed. The indoor seating is very minimal. Also, it’s not a great study place because of the noise from the crowd and music and the low-lighting.

4. Halcyon– Located off of W. 4th street, Halcyon is a fun, exciting place for weekend nights. Since it doubles as a coffee shop and bar, you can decide between having a drink, having a caffeine fix or both. (Yes, this is something Spider House offers as well.) However, if you want to come here late a night to study, I wouldn’t. The place is always loud, louder than Spider House and Epoch. But, it’s a great place to observe the weekend night crowd if clubbing and bar hopping is something you don’t enjoy doing.